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Welcome to the Magic Mela – the place where you can try new fun things to do no matter how old or how young you are.  There will be dancers on hand to teach you a modern or traditional dance and some dance exercises to keep you fit.  There will be giant paintings where you can get arty and make your mark with drawing and painting, or you can take your time and create giant Rangoli patterns on the ground using all the colours of the rainbow.


There’s plenty to see and do at the Magic Mela including a new dance and visual arts performance created by Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) with Manuela Benini and Cid Shaha in collaboration with Radha Binod Sharma of the Indian Modern Art Foundation (IMAF).  The performance will involve young dancers from East London and children visiting the Magic Mela.


Magic Mela is a popular family focused area and it will be hosted this year by IMAF and EEA with Jay Kumar keeping the energy flowing at the Mela Community Stage.


Supported by Arts Council England