How to experience MELATOPIA

As well as watching here, there are three main ways to take part in the MELATOPIA experience.

1) If you own a Windows PC you can also, download the Sansar software and experience our virtual reality Mela. Create an avatar, join in the festivities and if you have VR glasses, you can use them too (though they are not needed to enjoy the experience).


2) Sign up for a Twitch TV account, grab your bubble and get ready to experience all the incredible performances out artists have been preparing for you. 

3) Follow us on Facebook or YouTube and stream the whole event there! You could even start a watch party!

You can also watch Melatopia TV on Twitch.TV

LONDON MELA presents the world’s first global virtual reality Asian diaspora festival: MELATOPIA

London Mela proudly presents the 18th edition of the annual South Asian culture-fest, the London Mela. Produced by Remarkable Productions, Nutkhut and Mela Partnership, the much-loved festival has reinvented itself as MELATOPIA, a digital and virtual reality event featuring South Asian music, dance and culture.

Step inside our virtual paradise specially designed by Shivinder and Keith Khan Associates and enjoy incredible beats and virtuosic artists from across the world!


MELATOPIA, which is built using Sansar, Wookey Technologies’ cutting-edge, photorealistic platform for virtual live events and can be experienced on PC, VR or mobile (iOS), plus will be streamed live on Twitch and across social media.

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