Dhol Academy & Addictive TV presents


Dhol Academy returns for another mighty finale!  Founded in the 1980s as an outlet for young adults and children, it has nurtured hundreds of talented drummers that have graced Mela stages since the very first London Mela. This year they’re collaborating with award-winning digital artists Addictive TV whose mind-bending shows sample an enormous sound and image archive of hundreds of musicians they've filmed around the world playing all manner of instruments. With live guitar, percussion, electronics, rappers, sampled musicians on screen and plenty of dhols, together they will bring Dhol Addiction to close the London Mela - a treat for the ears and the eyes!

Mela Partnership

London Mela are proud to be a founder member of Mela Partnership, a national association of Melas. This year, the partnership is supporting a number of new initiatives – women in Mela with DJ Ritu, new music with Bobby Friction and outdoor arts with Chappal and the Bureau of Silly Ideas.



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